Responsive design checker

Having a responsive website is a necessity these days.

Ensuring that it adapts to different devices, from smartphones to desktops, has become critical for businesses, agencies, and really anyone with a website.

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Fifty percent

We (KodingKitty) believe that making a website responsive is critical, but we also recognize that it's only half of the equation.

Creating a site that looks great and works seamlessly for users is an art. It goes beyond buzzwords like innovation, design-thinking, or technical terms like grid, flex, or breakpoints.

It takes three

It's a collaborative effort that requires website owners, designers, and developers to work hand-in-hand to understand:

Don't underestimate it

We've seen a lot of half-baked responsive websites that leave users frustrated.

It is important to understand that mobile devices and PCs are used differently. A one-size-fits-all approach won't work.

Yes, designing with these differences in mind can require extra effort. But it is worth it.

Don't forget SEO

Beyond the benefits of user satisfaction, there's another reason to prioritize responsive design. It is SEO ranking.

Search engines value a well-designed and responsive website. This can increase your online visibility.

Our tool

There are many tools you can use to check the responsiveness of your site.

So we decided to add one more. Because why not?

Use our free tool to check how your site looks on different devices and at different breakpoints.

Best viewed on a wide screen.

Note: It works perfectly, until it doesn't. Courtesy of CORS.

Responsive design checker