KittyOS: visionOS for those on a budget

The other day, we came across a fascinating presentation by a certain fruit company. They were showcasing ski goggles that were not intended for skiing, but rather for virtual/augmented/3D reality.

What really piqued our interest was the role of glass materials in creating a user interface.

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Blending real and virtual

Their presentation introduced brave new world where the real and virtual seamlessly blend together. And glass windows, buttons, and controls take center stage.

The advantage of a large canvas

Since then, we've heard a lot of ideas and opinions. Only time will tell if this is a revolution or an evolution in the making.

As web developers, we feel that the primary benefit of the glasses is the large canvas they provide. Think of it as a (nearly) infinite display, where you are not limited by the size of your monitor. Or monitors, for that matter.

Imagine putting on the glasses and having one window for a text editor and another for a web browser. Even better, think of having one window for code and several others for different breakpoints - PC, TV, mobile, and tablet. How sweet would that be?

The importance of physical input

On the other hand, we didn't find typing on a virtual keyboard very useful, especially when it comes to coding. For us, a physical keyboard and mouse would be sufficient.

We haven't had a chance to play with the device yet. So we can't say if the mouse can be enhanced in any way with the eyes. But we think there is a lot of potential.

Exploring glass windows in a browser

Nevertheless, we started thinking about the possibilities: What if we could experiment with glass windows right here in a browser? No need to spend thousands of dollars. Anyone can enjoy a simple simulation of backgrounds, glass windows and ornaments.

Think of it as visionOS for those on a budget. 🙂

The widget

One more thing

We wanted to write something clever, but we couldn't think of anything.

Maybe next time.